Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Golden City comics is closing!

While it comes to no surprise of this comic collector, Golden City Comics will be closing this fall.

I had intended on doing a review of this store, as I had visited it a couple of times. It wasn't going to be a good review.

While I have heard that the store owner was a "good" guy and provided great service to his loyal customers, the store was a bit of a train wreck. Poor lighting, kinda grungy, not the greatest selection, really bad layout ("Where is your new issues rack?" "Back behind the fridge.").... the list goes on. He had a decent location, as he was situated on Kingston Road in Scarborough, a very busy road for commuters out of the downtown Toronto core but obviously couldn't build on that.

Whether or not the owner had the choice of staying open is still a mystery.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts other stores in the eastern part of the GTA. I don't think he had a huge regular customer base, so the other stores may not see an increase in traffic. On the other hand, if they do, there are both pros and cons to the situation: Pro, my store will see an increase in traffic and sales, which means my store may end up getting more variant covers in; Con, I will have to add more monthlies to my pull list so I don't miss issues.....

RIP Golden City.