Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to criticize a store??

I guess I should explain what I'm all about... I guess I would first consider myself a fanboy, like most of us in the comic collecting realm. I got back into comic collecting last spring, when a coworker would send me endless links to comic related sites, I purchased the Heroes Vol. 1 hardcover and I started looking for the SLG Disney comics (Haunted Mansion and Tron). My coworker took me to his usual store and the rest is now history.... I'm now visiting my favorite local store every 2 weeks, spending about $30 and adding more and more to my pull list.

As I started to get back into collecting, I started to visit some other comic stores that weren't around 15+ years ago or I hadn't been to in 15+ years. Of course, each store was quite different (as expected). I would either come out of a store thinking to myself, "Why the hell did I go in there," or "I wish I lived closer to that store, so I could go there more often." Hence, why I have started this blog.

So, why do I have the "expertise" to criticize such retail outlets? Well, let me provide you with a bit of my working experience... While going to high school and university, I spent 7 years working in retail. I spent 3 years in a record store and 4 years working for the Mouse (i.e. The Disney Store).

Working for both companies taught me both the best and worst in retail sales and customer service. Of course the best came mostly from Disney. I should state that my time spent at Disney was just before the downward spiral, which led them to selling the stores off.

If you know anything about Disney customer service, then you know that it is the best. The company prides itself on service and it sets itself apart from all other retailers.

In terms of merchandising, Disney was also the best at presenting their wares and knowing what to feature.

So, anytime I go shopping, no matter what type of store it is, I'm highly critical of both presentation of the merchandise and customer service. I have walked out of stores before because of poor customer service.

This is why I think I have the right to give my opinions on Comic Stores. If you don't like my opinions, please feel free to post your comments or just don't read my blog anymore. I'm not here to make friends, I'm just here to hopefully help you have a better shopping experience.

Next post: How I plan to review each store.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you experienced?

Every Wednesday do you wake up and think: "It's new comics day today!!! I wonder what is waiting for me at my favorite store??" Do you get up, head to your retailer of choice and either: a) go in with a big smile and leave with that same smile or b) go in with a big smile and leave with a frown, feeling all dusty and dirty? Does the guy behind the counter: a) accept your money with a big smile, thanking you in the process and telling you to have a good day, or b) shove the books in a used Wal-Mart bag, grab your money out of your hand and go back to his reading of Previews? What I am getting at is, are you having a good comic book store shopping experience?

Well, look no further friends, as you have come to the right spot. If you want to have a better shopping experience (and let's face it, you are spending enough on comics that you deserve it), this is what this blog is for. I'm not going to be like every other comic blog or site and review comics...well that's not entirely true...I'll probably write here and there about my favorite book released. My plan is to visit Comic Stores in my home town, Toronto and other towns that I visit, and give my opinion of as to why or why not I'm going back to those stores. Yes, I may be mean and cruel to some stores, but let's face it.... they are taking our money so why shouldn't I complain.

If you are wondering why the hell I'm writing a blog like this and if I'm qualified to do so, my first few posts will fill in those details. I'll also write a short blurb as to what to expect from each review.

Stay Tuned......